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Glasgow Launch Event

Another launch? Why?

I am really excited to announce a second launch event for the paperback of Soulcat, on Wednesday April 20th, in Glasgow.

Initially, I'd planned on touring as many cat cafe's as I could, bringing Soulcat to feline friends all over the UK. However, logistically, this proved a little too tricky to organise. But the one venue I really wanted to collaborate with was the Purrple Cat Cafe in Glasgow. Partly because Molly's story begins in Glasgow and it was where I lived when she came into my life. Also, the fab owners of the Purrple cafe are established fans of literature and had a regular book club before the Covid lock-down. Plus, my favourite colour is purple, so it was clearly an alignment of the stars!

I can't wait to re-visit my favourite city and share Soulcat with the locals. The evening will be filled with readings, a Q&A, a book giveaway, discounts and goodie bags. Tickets are £5 for members and £8 for non-members, and can be booked directly through the Purrple Cat Cafe website, here.

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